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The Free version of Your Idea Counts! is a fully functional idea exchange, however with predefined settings and limited features. If you are not familiar with an idea exchange, we highly encourage you to try it and get a feel for how it works. If this is something you want to implement for your business, service or company either for internal or external use, you may want to consider purchasing our Premium version which will enhance the use and outcome of your new idea exchange, provide support and give you deep insight to strategy and tactics using an idea exchange.

Seeing and trying is believing.

To use the free version, simply go to your Administration panel, select Plugins -> Add New and search for idea exchange. While it does not have the bells and whistles that are in the Premium version, it is fully functional, a great way to learn or introduce yourself to the concept and gives you the opportunity to see how the plugin works.

Alternatively, go to and Download the zip file. Then, in your WP Admin dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New to upload it to your site followed by activating it.

See our Comparison of Free VS Premium and Pricing for more information.




For your convenience, here is the complete Free Help in PDF format.