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The Your Idea Counts! WordPress plugin is an ideation tool for businesses. Your Idea Counts! streamlines the process of capturing, refining and implementing business ideas. These ideas could be for a product feature, a service, a community, customer service or more — any area in which idea-based collaboration is desired. With Your Idea Counts!, you can engage with your customers and encourage their suggestions and feedback. This type of collaboration can yield increased profitability, better relationships, greater innovation and increased brand loyalty.

Ideate /ˈīdēˌāt/ (verb) - to form an idea of; imagine or conceive.

Your Idea Counts! is an idea exchange plugin for WordPress that is designed to streamline the end-to-end process of capturing, refining and implementing business ideas — also known as ideation.

An idea exchange is simply the presentation, discussion around, voting on, and planning of new concepts and ideas with the goal of improving a process, technology or workflow.

Businesses that encourage purposeful collaboration are proven to have greater success. Collaboration can even improve company culture. Encouraging customers, partners, and other stakeholders to contribute ideas helps create a sense of ownership which in turn drives better engagement and loyalty.

But how do you present your ideas — or encourage others to share theirs? Most businesses don’t have an official forum or process set up for idea sharing, which can be frustrating for customers or employees who wish to contribute.

Users may share their ideas via customer support, in community posts, or elsewhere, or simply give up and keep that potentially valuable information to themselves. Providing a centralized system that makes it easy for people to contribute ideas has the immediate benefit of showing customers that you believe they are important to your business success.

In short, Your Idea Counts! offers a way for the people within your business ecosystem to be heard.

Why ideation?

  • Leads to better software design
  • Reduces noise from traditional tracking systems
  • Identifies what customers believe to be of value or importance
  • Provides transparency
  • Increases revenue generation
  • Increases overall engagement
  • Increases productivity
  • Encourages innovation